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Yoga Lova is an intimate and beautiful yoga studio located in Illovo, Johannesburg, offering daily yoga classes for students of all levels.

At Yoga Lova, an understanding of the individual needs of each student is a priority and personal attention is given, even in group classes. Beginners are welcome, and are integrated into the group environment with care and attention.

Yoga Lova offers a serene and nurturing atmosphere for vitality and tranquillity, where students use their yoga practice to enhance their health and well-being.

Daily classes are taught by Nadine Hurwitz, and several other highly experienced and qualified instructors who have been practicing and teaching yoga for many years. In addition, monthly workshops are offered by guest instructors.

Yoga Lova is a space for quietness, silence and emptiness, where you can receive energy and inspiration for your daily life, allowing you to enhance your spiritual, emotional and physical potential.

Experience a class and discover why so many students have become committed and loyal “YOGA LOVAS”

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