Lia Mundell

My little boy once asked me why I do yoga, and for a moment I couldn’t think of a straight answer.
What is the one true reason why we all come back to our mats every day?
When I first started yoga it was because it was the one space I felt blissfully alone yet as a body, surrounded by like-minded practitioners and beautiful teachers to look up to. I became a teacher because I wanted to do something that was so much bigger than myself and to give something of what I had learned to others.

Born and bred a Jozi girl I am surrounded by the every day hullabaloo of the city. I am a single mom to a very busy and bubbly little boy and I have started my own PR Company. Teaching yoga is a little sanctuary I have in my week, to connect and guide students through such a healing tradition. But Yoga isn’t just a health ritual, it’s a movement, and every day I am so awakened by how it changes lives. Life can get monotonous and it is sometimes difficult to find inspiration. And then we roll our mats out…

So, in the end, why do I do yoga? To be amazed, everyday.

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