Brendi Sundelson

Trained at Yoga Lova Illovo and went on to complete a comprehensive 200 hour internationally accredited certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Clara Woodburn at Yoga Warrior.

My primary teaching style is rooted in Vinyasa  Flow, although I draw from Forrest, Hatha and Iyengar methods as well. On my constant quest to further my yoga journey I have had the privilege of being exposed to incredible teachers both locally and abroad who have, and continue to inspire me. My classes are designed to challenge and delight students. 

The moment I step onto my mat the outside world disappears. There is no expectation, no judgement. For that time, I know I am going on a physical, spiritual and often emotional journey, kind of like a magic carpet ride. Yoga continues to generously feed my body and soul and there is no question that I am a nicer person when I have a regular yoga practice (and my husband and children would agree!)

I have learnt to breathe, really breathe and that has made all the difference. Also, when you spend enough time upside down, you start to see the world differently….

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